THIS WORKSHOP IS SCHEDULED FOR:  Saturday the 7th November, 2020 | 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM AEST (GMT+11)


THEME: Frog 'n' Feathers


Learn how to create a beautifully messy and happy little sketchbook! ⁠

My aim in this workshop is for you to walk away from our session with a sense of creative joy and a handful of skills that will inspire you to explore and create magic in your sketchbook pages at home!⁠

This workshop is for you if:⁠

  • You love the idea of keeping a sketchbook, but you you're not sure how.⁠
  • You want to get creative but have "fear of the white page"⁠.
  • You like the idea of journaling but want to do it with visual and creative flair⁠.
  • You want to have fun with a group of like-minded creative people! ⁠

In this lesson you'll learn how to:⁠

  • quickly sketch up a subject/s,⁠
  • throw down fun layers of paint⁠,
  • add shading to your subject/s⁠,
  • add extra mixed media elements to make your pages pop,⁠
  • recover a page if you've made a "boo boo"⁠,
  • have creative fun! ⁠


  • 2 hours⁠
  • Held over Zoom⁠
  • All levels of experience welcome

Frog 'n' Feathers | "Sketchy As" Sketchbook Workshop

  • What Next?

    Once you purchase your workshop slot:

    You will be sent an email with a PDF materials list and a rundown of how things proceed. 

    I will be in contact closer to the date of the workshop via email, with the Zoom login details. You will also be sent a link to a Pinterest board with some reference images in the same email. Please have this link open and ready to view on the day on the same device you’re running Zoom, or if possible (and more preferably) a secondary device.


  • Technology & Materials Required

    All lessons take place over Zoom. You will need a smart device capable of running zoom.

    You will receive a materials list in an email once you book your lesson. This materials list is not stringently enforced, but these are the "bare-bones" necessary materials required to get the most out of the workshop.